Your 2019 Marketing Plan
Q4 is here and it's time to start preparing your digital marketing plan for a VERY PROFITABLE 2019. 
* Replay will be available for each session *
Who is This Training For?
This training is for you if...
  •  You plan on investing time or money (or both) into your online presence in Q4
  •  You've tried a few ideas this year but they didn't work out in your favor, or you aren't sure how they did
  •  You want 2019 to be profitable and you're thinking of ways to get your marketing set now for the coming year
Training Overview
This training course features three 60-90-minute webinar lessons, each including presentations and up to 30 minutes of Q&A.
Replays will be made available to those who can’t attend live.
Part 1:
Review Your Goals
What do you hope to get out of 2019?
Part 2: 
Message, Market, Media
Define what to say and who to say it to
(oh, and how to see if they're listening!)
Part 3: 
Put Your Plan Together
Building a system that keeps your
business in front of prospects
Register for this training series and kick a$$ in 2019
Replay will be available for each session
Topics Covered
Part 1 
Review Your Goals
  •   How much do you want to make next year? - how many leads does that mean you'll need?
  •  Break down to monthly KPIs - set goals that you can perceive and achieve
Part 2 
Market, Message, & Media
  •  Market - who should you be selling to?
  •  Message - what should you say to them to provoke them into action?
  •  Media - the tools do you need to see your success in action
Part 3 
Put Your Plan Together
  •  Social Proof - how other people doing things can affect your website and business's look & feel
  •  Where to Start - we'll cover a lot of things, we'll review yours and then give you a few tasks worth doing
Finish Q4 with a very clear plan for dominance in 2019

Replay will be available for each session
Who is Will?
Chief Marketing Strategist at Red Canoe Media
Will Hanke has two passions: supporting our US veterans and helping businesses tell their story online – providing them with increased exposure, more customers, and higher revenues. For over twenty years, his company, Red Canoe Media, has helped mom & pops, startups, and multi-million dollar companies with their digital marketing strategies.
Will teaches monthly classes and speaks at events throughout the area on a wide variety of topics from analytics to ecommerce. Along with his daughter Amber, he also holds coaching and training sessions for small business owners in his private membership group, “Red Canoe Elite”.

He is an avid business & marketing blogger and has published several ebooks including an Amazon Bestseller in Marketing.

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